Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 Softball Bat Review

Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 Softball Bat Review

If you’ve reached this article, it means that you’re interested in purchasing a new softball bat. Perhaps you’ve just started playing fast-pitch softball, or you’re simply looking to up your game by getting a new, more powerful bat. Either way, we believe that you’ll find our post helpful.

In the forthcoming paragraphs, we’ll review the Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 Fast Pitch Softball Bat. We’ll outline our experience with this bat, what we liked most about it, the inconveniences we observed, and other equally important guidelines. Let’s get right on to it!

About The Product

When it comes to the best fast-pitch softball bats, the name Louisville Slugger comes to mind.

Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 (-10) Fast Pitch Softball Bat

That’s because this company is one of the most recognizable names in this industry. Its experience surpasses 100 years, making it one of the most experienced producers of softball equipment.

After all this time, it still manages to engineer innovative products. The Xeno Plus is actually a fantastic example of the company’s commitment to offer excellent craftsmanship and quality with every release. We’ll highlight its core characteristics.

  • Two-piece bat design
  • Double-wall design with zero friction
  • Composite construction
  • check
    Dubbed S1iD technology
  • check
    Double-barrel system
  • check
    7/8-inch standard handle featuring a synthetic grip
  • check
    Drop: -8, -9, -10, -11
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The Results

If you want to enjoy excellent performance, regardless of the pitch speed, we would wholeheartedly recommend you this softball bat. This is a performance-oriented two-piece bat, engineered for fast-pitch softball.

Firstly, featuring a composite construction, this means that you don’t have to worry about friction or anything of the kind. Performance wise, composite is an excellent option, as it eliminates the stinging sensation we are all acquainted with.

At the same time, composite is known to be really durable and sturdy. Thus, this would make the bat durable.

The -10 drop fits within the permitted range so that you can use it in tournaments. However, this bat is available in various sizes, so that the players can pick the one that addresses their needs best.

That is to say, the drop will vary depending on the size you pick. Don’t overlook this aspect since sizing is one of the most important considerations during the shopping process – as we’ve already highlighted in our former buying guide.

Thanks to the S1iD technology, this bat has a light swing weight. That is to say, you can enjoy optimal control. The large sweet spot makes each game more pleasurable.

Furthermore, the barrel has a unique double-wall design. The goal of this design is to help you attain optimal flex without any resistance.

Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 (-10) Fast Pitch Softball Bat

Meanwhile, it is the IST technology that contributes to the stiffness of the handle, which is another great characteristic. Concurrently, this syncs it with the barrel; in this way creating a large sweet spot.

As we’ve mentioned beforehand, this is a two-piece softball bat. However, you won’t experience any noticeable sting or vibration. Simultaneously, the 7/8 inch standard handle comes with a synthetic grip whose goal is to diminish vibrations, as well.

It’s also worth noting that this bat has been approved by ISA, ASA, ISF, and USSSA. Hence, you can use it for any tournament based in the US.

What Everyone Says

We all know that a high-quality product is associated with positive customer reviews. That being said, according to the former customers, this is an excellent and versatile bat.

In other words, it would seem that many children and teenager use this bat, and do that successfully with excellent results. At the same time, the majority of reviewers agree that the pop is great, as well as the performance, of course.

On the other hand, other customers had some troubles with it – in the sense that it broke down after being used for a while. Still, those appear to be isolated cases, considering that the majority of online feedback is positive and praiseworthy, outlining that this is a high-quality product that works as expected.

What We Liked

We enjoyed testing this product. And, while testing it, we liked it even more than we did in the beginning. Firstly, the pop is great, not to mention that it feels really comfortable on the hand.

Additionally, in comparison with other composite bats we’ve tested, we can tell that this one performs infinitely better. Moving on to the vibrations, they are barely noticeable, which is really important, considering that most softball players complain about this.

Furthermore, since the weight is perfectly distributed, this is a balanced bat that really makes it utterly easy to swing.

In fact, children and teenagers can successfully use this bat and enjoy the most out of it. And while this isn’t as important as other features – we also like the design of the bat, as it makes it aesthetically pleasing.

What We Didn’t Like

On the other hand, even though the performance provided by this bat is really great, some people have complained about its durability, as we’ve pointed beforehand. This is definitely a concern, considering that it is a considerable upfront investment.

Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 (-10) Fast Pitch Softball Bat

Concurrently, the end cap doesn’t indicate the highest quality. After some time, it is prone to wear out.

Buying Information

Similar to most softball bats on the market, this product comes with a one-year limited warranty. As for its price, it costs less than $350, which is acceptable for the quality of the product. Even so, we know that it is a significant investment.

Still, depending on the time when you choose to purchase it, you could benefit from a discount if you order yours from Amazon.


The Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 Fast Pitch Softball Bat is one of the best products released by this manufacturer. The bat’s outstanding performance is, without a doubt, the main highlight.

That is to say, it will address the needs and specifications of both amateurs and professionals. What is your opinion of this product? Do you think it meets your needs or not?

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