DeMarini WTDXNT3 Softball Bat Review

DeMarini WTDXNT3 Softball Bat Review

Picking a softball bat out of the great number of products on the market can be challenging. And while the casual player might undermine the importance of the bat, this piece of equipment can really make the difference in your performance level.

There’s no such thing as the best softball bat that addresses every player’s needs. Each bat has a specific set of features that make it fit for certain conditions. The same can be said about the DeMarini NT3 Juggy, which is engineered for slow pitch softball.

DeMarini 2014 NT3 Juggy WTDXNT3 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

The question is: should you get this softball bat or not? After reading this review, you’ll definitely be able to answer this question. Let’s get started!

About The Product

DeMarini is a reputable name in the industry of softball bats. And that’s because this manufacturer is committed to engineering products that address the individual needs of the players. At the same time, it utilizes state-of-the-art technology, which is extremely important.

This is why you can attempt to crush everything down using this powerful bat. Have a look at its primary characteristics:

  • Thanks to the end-loaded triple wall barrel, you enjoy an equally strong and lightweight hitting zone
  • It features a stacked barrel structure
  • It comes equipped with an end-loaded triple wall barrel
  • check
    The vibration released during contact is minimal
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    Tested with ASA

The Results

After briefly highlighting the main characteristics of this softball bat, we’d like to talk about the way in which this bat feels on the court, in detail.

One of the best things about this bat is that it features some of the latest technologies. And if you want to remain competitive in your game, this should definitely be on your list of priorities.

Moving on, it really feels excellent. In our former buying guide, we’ve talked about the importance of investing in a bat that feels comfortable. That’s because comfort is imminently linked with your performance level.

Otherwise, you are likely to stay focused on less important things, as opposed to directing all your concentration on the game. Also, it’s worth noting that this has excellent distance and pop.

At the same time, we would recommend you invest in this item if you’re a fan of heavily end-loaded bats. That’s because this is specifically engineered this way.

DeMarini 2014 NT3 Juggy WTDXNT3 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

What else should you know? In reference to the construction of the bat, it comes with a flex-tuned composite handle. This will allow you to up your execution performance, time after time.

Moving on, you’ll also enjoy outstanding grip. This is a key factor that gives you utter control of the bat.

The barrel is made of a type of composite that is one of the most innovative materials – namely the Demarini Stacked Composite.

Furthermore, at the end of the barrel, there is a clutch end cap, whose primary purpose is to reduce the vibration level. This way, you can accomplish a smooth swing by using this bat – as we’ve thoroughly tested it, we can assure you of this.

Now, moving on to another important aspect - the leagues that approve this bat, take into account that it has the ASA stamp only. That is to say, you cannot use it for playing in USSSA leagues.

All in all, DeMarini softball bats are constructed with one goal in mind: to offer optimal performance and power. And this particular unit will offer you great drive whenever you swing the ball, not to mention that the vibration level is significantly decreased.

What Other People Say

An important part of every review is represented by the customers’ feedback. As usual, we took the time to look for legit, actual customer reviews, which indicate the level of satisfaction associated with this product. Are you curious about what we’ve found?

As we’d expected, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Accordingly, the bat offers excellent pop and distance, as well as a fantastic feel – as noted by former satisfied customers.

However, as pointed by a specific customer, this bat isn’t necessarily for everyone – as it is the case with every product, for a change.

That is to say, considering that you’re not too eager about continually lofting the ball, you should pick something more balanced. Still, if you have power, then you’ll definitely come to love this softball bat.

Still, the consensus we got after reading many, many reviews is that this bat is great, most users being happy with their purchase.

What We Liked

If we were to list the things we liked most about this bat, then it would have to be the fact that you don’t feel the vibration that is specific to hitting the ball. However, we’re not saying that there is no vibration at all – we’re just indicating that it is significantly minimized.

At the same time, it is really comfortable to play with, thanks to the leather grip tape. Durability is another nice feature, meaning that you get your money’s worth over the course of time.

What We Didn’t Like

Moving on to the things we weren’t too keen on, we must say that the price is a bit steep and might make this bat unavailable to certain people on a budget. At the same time, it isn’t fit for those players that lack power.

DeMarini 2014 NT3 Juggy WTDXNT3 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Still, these aren’t necessarily disadvantages, per say.

Buying Information

Presumably, Amazon is the place where you should get this bat from. That’s because their offers are, for the most part, really convenient and attractive. As for the warranty you get with your purchase, it is a one-year limited warranty.

Final Thoughts

To conclude – would we recommend you to get the DeMarini NT3 Juggy Slow Pitch Softball Bat? Evidently, yes – this goes without saying. We believe that, regardless of its steep price, it is a worthwhile investment, offering good value for the money.

So, if we were to give it a rating – it would be of 5 stars! What do you think? We invite you to share your thoughts and comments below!

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